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SS Hex Bolts- As the name suggests, Hex bolts have 6 sides with hexagonal head and threaded body. Hex bolts have six sides because it is easy to rotate or turn them around. SS Hex bolts are used to fasten two materials for e.g. Wood to wood or metal to wood.

  • SS hex bolts are available in ss 304 , ss 316 & ss 202 grades.
  • SS hex head bolts are available in mm & inch series.
  • S.S. Bolts are available in full thread & partial / hal threads.
  • S.S. Bolts are available in cold-forged quality from 3mm to 24 mm dia.
  • SS bolts are available in hot forged quality from 20mm to 90 mm dia.
  • SS bolts range from 3mm to 90 mm diameter & up to 1000 mm length in millimeter series.
  • SS bolts range from 1/8" to 3" diameter & up to 40" length in b.S.W series.

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